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Understanding your business objectives is fundamental to ensuring the final product meets your needs. From simple shooting and editing, to full-fledged strategic planning, we will help define the project requirements to maximize the ROI, and minimize the strain on your business resources.


We offer full design services or can simply follow the guidelines of your creative team, but most of the time find ourselves in a hybrid, collaborative exercise to maximize ideation and ensure the vision is fully defined.


Our production team over-communicates to ensure your staff is aware of the plan. When needed, we pre-test, review scripts, and coach. When our director says, “Roll!”, you can rest-assured what we are capturing is useful and everything leading up to that moment was efficiently planned. Our mission is to get everything “in the can” that is needed for a final, edited product.


Post-production edits include multiple drafts and allow clients to have as much say in the editing process as they like. The review process is typically done via Vimeo’s client review function and the final edit can be delivered for download, hosted link, or on a physical drive.

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